Calculate Your Local Golden Hour

The golden hour in photography is the first or last hour of sunlight in a day that photographers often aim to shoot in, since the sun’s position produces a soft and warm light with longer shadows. The Golden Hour Calculator is a useful website that can help you calculate the golden hour(s) for your location, telling you exactly when the sun rises and sets.

The Golden Hour Calculator (via Reddit)

Update: Darkness is an app for the iPhone that can help you calculate your golden hours on the go. (thx @noahaboussafy)

  • Chris Oaten

    This should be an iPhone app.

  • Michael Zhang

    You're in luck. They're developing an iPhone app version. It's in testing right now, but should be available next month :-)

  • sufi_AJ

    COOL !

  • Lourens Smak

    Actually there has been an iPhone app for ages that does this, it's called “Sol”. It's a bit less sophisticated but you can enter several locations; the biggest drawback is you can't look at a date in the future.

  • Keith

    There's also a free app called “The Photographer's Ephemeris” (TPE) at Also with an iPhone app in beta.

  • Ken

    Not to take away from service here, but I use an iPhone app called Focalware which also provides sunrise/sunset (and moon rise/moon set) based on your location, as well as where the sun/moon will be at any given point during the day.

  • bubbledumpster

    i can just tell by looking…

  • Roger Moffatt

    Thanks for all the feedback – just to let you know that the iPhone version of this site is NOW AVAILABLE. It extends the functionality of the website and doesn't need a network connection so is handy for iPod touch users. Details at

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