Taking Photos with Hand Gestures

SixthSense is a wearable gesture device being developed by PhD student Pranav Mistry at the MIT Media Lab that allows the wearer to interact with their environment, treating the real world as a computer display. The above video is of the demo that was given at TED that generated international attention. What we found interesting is how the device allows you to photograph with hand gestures (at 6m25s), and the ability to work with your images on any wall.

Perhaps in the near future we’ll be able to edit and send our photographs on a wall immediately after shooting them using a wearable projector.

  • Jen Niemi

    Im still surprised this stuff isnt out yet.
    This is so exciting and i would love to see it soon.

  • E.G.

    Hopefully the actual technology, if it ever materializes, doesn't make its users look like complete geeks.

  • Michael Zhang

    I'm sure this is just the tip of the iceberg. ;-)

  • Jim

    Wow! That is a great idea, very impressive how he started with interest in a computer mouse and really expanded a lot on his idea. Hope your right Michael that is just the tip of the iceberg, will be very exciting to see all the applications.

  • latindave

    wow very interesting but how we can use this.. i love the tecnology but this is out of our imaginacion.. now only can use a machines,, all time we use a camara in or neck..

  • Robert_M

    Ah yes the sixth sense. I saw this a while back and it's still has impressive. Hopefully they can get the tech much smaller soon. I'll keep an eye on this.