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Vicon Revue Brings the Harry Potter Pensieve to Our World


In the Harry Potter series, a Pensieve is a magical stone that allows people to store and replay memories. While photography helps us store moments, there’s obviously quite a bit of life that slips through the cracks. The Revue by Vicon is a wearable camera that passively takes photographs through the day to document your life.

Based on Microsoft’s SenseCam project, the device snaps photos based on either an internal sensor or using a 30-second interval. While it’s currently a research tool to help people who suffer from memory impairment, if the device were made unobtrusive enough, it may become popular with people who’d like to keep a photo log of their day to day life.

Here’s an example of a day captured using the Revue:

As disk storage becomes cheaper and cheaper, future versions of this kind of device might record HD video and sound. A neat project might be to create a photoblog and publish a 24-hour timelapse every day of the year.

The Revue is available for purchase, but its current price of £500 (~$700) will surely deter most potential buyers.