Aviary Sets Online Photo Editing Free

One of the best online photo editors is now completely free to use. Aviary has decided to offer its entire suite of online apps for free, including its popular Phoenix image editor.

The application used to cost $25 per year, and those who subscribed in the past 30 days can request refunds. While there has always been a free version of Phoenix, everyone can now save files privately on Aviary’s servers, watermark their images, and access the tutorials that previously required a subscription.

Offering the service for free should help Aviary better compete with Adobe, which offers its online version of Photoshop for free as well (up to 2GBs).

I wonder if (or when) online editors will rival traditional programs in terms of power and functionality. Any guesses?

(via Lifehacker)

  • Ehren Wells

    My guess is that online editors stand a chance of surpassing software editors once people like me feel that they have gotten their money out of what they've already purchased. If OS-only notebooks take off, that will be a boon for outfits like Aviary. If it gets to that point, I'm sure these companies will start charging a subscription to justify the server space and automatic upgrades that come with such a product. The biggest hurdle to having it all in the cloud is getting to a point where people feel they still own their work, and where they feel comfortable that their work is safe on a third-party server. That's a big leap, really.

  • M.Naveed Baig Jokhio

    nice post thnks :)

  • billyblade

    Can someone tell me who is the owner of this photo of phoenix, used like an icon for Aviary application ?
    Is this photo og phoenix free?
    my email adress is :
    thanks a lot

  • Konstantin Shtondenko

    You’re right. The fear to lose access is huge. What if you could work with images stored in the personal cloud like Google Drive or Dropbox?