Wacom One Review: An Entry-Level Pen Display Perfect for Photo Editing

With the release of the Wacom One in 2020, Wacom lowered the barrier to entry into the world of pen displays and inadvertently created an ideal product for photographers. Where other pen displays in the Wacom lineup are either too big or too expensive, the Wacom One makes a great case for trading in your Intuos Pro for a more intimate photo editing experience.

New Company Xencelabs Challenges Wacom with Debut Pen Tablet

Newcomer Xencelabs has announced a new pen tablet that aims to meld affordable pricing and excellent user experience into one device. The Xencelabs tablet is devoid of unnecessary buttons but gives the option to add-on a multi-function remote accessory with 40 customizable shortcuts per application.

Wacom Unveils The New 24HD Touch, Brings Multi-Touch to Photoshopping

Photographers and designers alike salivate over a Wacom tablet on occasion, but more often than not the cons (in way of cost) outweigh the pros. The new addition to the Wacom family, however, comes with a few more bells and whistles to tempt those with some disposable income and an itchy wallet finger -- and they call it the 24HD Touch.