AP Photographers Will Only Shoot Sony From Now On

The Associated Press, one of the world's largest and most respected news agencies, has just announced an exclusive partnership with Sony Imaging. From this point on, Sony will become the exclusive camera supplier for AP news photographers around the world.

PetaPixel’s Cameras of the Year 2019

Every camera made today is great. This is a statement I have stood behind for several years now because it's true. It's hard to go wrong with any camera made today because the technology gap has narrowed considerably. But even so, each year there are cameras that stand out from the rest and deserve praise.

Sony Unveils the a9 II with ‘Enhanced Connectivity’

Sony has quietly announced the next-generation Sony a9 II: an incremental upgrade that keeps many of the same core specs, but adds "enhanced connectivity and workflow capabilities" that will appeal to professional sports photographers and photojournalists.