Apple Updates 27-inch iMac with New CPUs, Double the RAM, and More

Earlier this week, Apple dropped a substantial update for the 27-inch iMac: its workhorse all-in-one favored by many photographers. The updated specs go beyond just adding the latest processors—Apple also updated the GPUs, doubled the maximum RAM, made some updates to the display, and installed a better webcam to boot.

How Much RAM Do You Really Need to Edit Photos in Lightroom?

How much RAM do you really need to edit photos in Adobe Lightroom? 8GB? 16GB? 32GB? And how much of a difference would upgrading your current system actually make? Ryan of Signature Edits decided to find out, and he's put together a helpful comparison video to share his results.

That Time I Paid $6,544 for 256MB of RAM to Run Photoshop…

Back in January 1995, I upgraded my Mac 8110 desktop to 256 megabytes of RAM for $6,544. Why? Because Photoshop needed a minimum of 5 times the RAM to work with a 8.5Ă—11 RGB 8-bit color page, and that was 24 megabytes.

Drone Gets Too Close to Ram, Ram Knocks Down Drone and Chases Down Photographer

General wisdom is that you should keep a respectful distance between yourself and the animals you're photographing. If you don't, you -- or in this case the buzzing drone you were using in your stead -- might be punished for your folly.

Enter YouTube user Buddhanz1, his FPV quadcopter, and an angry ram he says he rescued and now looks after.