Drone Gets Too Close to Ram, Ram Knocks Down Drone and Chases Down Photographer

General wisdom is that you should keep a respectful distance between yourself and the animals you’re photographing. If you don’t, you — or in this case the buzzing drone you were using in your stead — might be punished for your folly.

Enter YouTube user Buddhanz1, his FPV quadcopter, and an angry ram he says he rescued and now looks after.

Buddhanz1 was looking for his ‘angry ram’ via quadcopter, but when he found him, he got a bit too close… okay maybe WAY too close, so close that many commenters are accusing him of animal abuse. Regardless, the ram seems to be able to take care of himself, as you can see from the gif below:


What’s more, when Buddhanz1 went to recover his quadcopter, the ram took out his aggression on the pilot himself. “I had my hands full,” he writes, “so he got me pretty good.”

(via Sploid)