Watch Top L.A. Paparazzi Hunt Down Top D.C. Politicians

Paparazzi photographers in Los Angeles spend their days and nights pursuing celebrities who aren't actually very important people on the world stage. On the other hand, politicians in Washington, D.C. have a huge global impact, yet they're largely ignored out in public. VICE recently decided to do an experiment by setting L.A. paparazzi on D.C. politicians.

The Photographer Shooting Contrasty Closeups of Presidential Candidates

In the span of just a few short years, Seattle-based photographer Nate Gowdy went from shooting weddings, headshots, and commercial images to shooting striking photos of politicians campaigning to become the leader of the United States. His work has since been widely published, including an appearance on the cover of TIME. We spoke to Gowdy about his life and journey in photography.

The ‘Campaign of the Selfie’ for the 2016 Elections

I’m a freelance creative director and professional photojournalist. When I’m shooting, I work quite a bit for the boutique picture agency, Polaris Images in NYC, although I do take a lot of other assignments. I shoot all kinds of assignments—news, features, portraits, and politics... lately, a lot of politics.

I’m in Las Vegas, and with Nevada and its large Hispanic population being one of the early primary voting states next year, all the candidates from both parties are coming through here every week. I’m assigned to cover almost all of them, and I try hard to make more than the usual campaign pictures, if I can.