Sam Hurd’s PIXII Rangefinder Review: It’s Complicated

Sam Hurd recently published a video review of the PIXII Rangefinder: a rear-LCD-less, smartphone-connected, M-mount rangefinder developed by PIXII, an upstart camera manufacturer. And while his introductory statement that it is the "worst camera I have ever owned" does more to get the click than convey his actual opinion, it doesn't look like the PIXII is a camera you should be picking up just yet despite some extremely promising design choices.

The Pixii M-Mount Rangefinder Has No Display or Card Slots, Costs $3,300

Almost two years ago, the French startup PIXII announced the development of a "radical" M-mount digital rangefinder that had neither a rear display nor any sort of memory card slot. Now, this strange camera is finally available for brave early-adopters to order... if you're willing to drop 3 grand, that is.