Nikon In Hot Water After Canceling WWII “Comfort Women” Exhibit

Nikon found themselves at the center of a controversy this last weekend after they decided to cancel a sensitive photography exhibit without giving a reason why. The exhibit, a photographic documentary on the theme of "Comfort Women" (Korean women used as sex slaves during WWII in Japan), was put together by Korean photographer Ahn Sehong and set to start on June 26th at the Nikon Salon in Tokyo -- until Nikon cancelled it.

Photographer Exhibits Photos Overhead, Provides Mirrors for Viewing Them

For her most recent exhibition, Brooklyn-based Dutch photographer Anouk Kruithof wanted to do something revolutionary, to change the way we experience the typical art exhibit -- thus was born her exhibit "Untitled: I've Taken Too Many Photos, I've Never Taken Any Photos."

Two choices make the exhibit unique: First, Kruithof posted signs around her neighborhood in search of an editor who could look at the photos in a very honest way, someone who had literally never taken snapped a photo in their life. And second, Kruithof decided to put the photos on the ceiling. When viewers enter the exhibit they are handed a mirror, in this way they can take in the entire exhibit or "frame" individual pieces of it using their mirrors.