Photographers, Let’s Make Peace Over Our Cameras

With the release of Nikon’s new mirrorless camera and the impending release of Canon’s competitor, we are seeing the future of photography as we know it. However, in the response of some we are also seeing the demise of the community as a whole.

Sharing Photography to Reclaim the Streets from Gun Violence

Back in November 2015, Toronto-based photographer and early childhood educator Yasin Osman began an initiative called #ShootForPeace. Every Sunday, he would arrange a meetup with local youths, hand out some cameras, and take them on a photo walk. His goal was to use photography to reclaim the streets from crime to art.

Photo Essay: The Other Side of Palestine

Dear Chris Hughes, thanks for sharing your beautiful photos and your experiences during a clash in the West Bank. The Israel-Palestine conflict is very controversial and often ends in simplified debates wherein the actions of the Palestinians are condemned and the Israelis defended, or vice versa.