Parrot Pro Padcaster

Padcaster Parrot Pro: The Fan Favorite Teleprompter Gets An Upgrade

I remember when Gordon Laing from CameraLabs showed me the Padcaster Parrot teleprompter on a press trip in California years ago. He was setting up to shoot a video about the new camera we were testing, and as he is meticulous and professional, he had already written a script with all of his first impressions.

Parrot’s Disco Drone Flies at 50MPH and Has a 14MP Camera In Its Nose

DJI may be the dominant leader in camera drones right now, but there are plenty of other companies battling for a slice of the market. Parrot, which has a number of drones in its stable already, is showing off a new one at CES 2016.

The Parrot Disco is an ultra-light drone that can fly at up to 50MPH for up to 45 minutes with a 14-megapixel digital camera in its nose.

Please Don’t Be the One to Get Drones Banned

Photography drones are facing a perilous atmosphere of distrust and legal chaos. In these circumstances, even small mistakes can have big consequences. A shift in public sentiment against private drone usage could easily result in the application of restrictive regulations, or perhaps even conditional bans.

Rare Parrot Gets a Little Too Friendly with Wildlife Photographer

This post could also be titled "How Not to Photograph Endangered Male Animals." The video above was uploaded to the Web by the BBC back in 2009 and shows photographer and zoologist Mark Carwardine finding and photographing a rare parrot in a New Zealand forest. Unfortunately for Carwardine -- and hilariously for the rest of us -- he gets closer to the bird than he was planning to.