10 Tips to Up Your Street Photography Game

Kai Wong recently got together with street photographers Joshua K Jackson and Craig Whitehead (a.k.a. SixStreetUnder) to make this helpful 10.5-minute tips video containing 10 nuggets of wisdom for upping your street photography game.

5 Reasons 40mm is the Best Focal Length for a Do-It-All Prime Lens

Do you own and use a beloved 35mm or 50mm lens? Popular photography personality Kai Wong thinks you should consider trying out the middle ground between the two. He made this 11-minute video about why he thinks 40mm is actually the best focal length you can carry if you want a do-it-all prime lens.

10 Tips for Better Landscape Photos from Kai Wong

Here's a 12-minute video from photography personality Kai Wong with 10 tips for how you can take better landscape photos. While you might be used to Kai talking about gear, in this video he applies his typical YouTuber charm to bring you technique advice for the great outdoors.