10 Tips for Better Landscape Photos from Kai Wong

Here’s a 12-minute video from photography personality Kai Wong with 10 tips for how you can take better landscape photos. While you might be used to Kai talking about gear, in this video he applies his typical YouTuber charm to bring you technique advice for the great outdoors.

Here’s a rundown of the 10 tips covered:

1. Research and find new locations to shoot in. Or, go back to your old favorites to try out new light.

2. Allow enough time to get setup – don’t just head out and arrive a minute before sunset.

3. Bring filters (in particular solid neutral density filters for slow shutter speeds).

4. Get a good tripod. Make sure it doesn’t wobble when you push down on it, and a hook on the central column is good for hanging extra weight.

5. Have a wide-angle lens with you, allowing you to create great compositions.

6. Use leading lines in your shot to create a “visual path” through the image.

7. Selecting a good foreground is important to create interest throughout the scene.

8. Using a small aperture (high f-number) of around f/16 ensures minimal defraction with a large depth of field.

9. Try aerial landscapes to create dramatic shots and explore angles that haven’t been overdone.

10. Don’t give up. Don’t let the weather get you down.

“If it’s cloudy, there’s always a way,” says Kai.

Check out the full video above to listen to Kai flesh out these tips.