Photographer Captures the Rainbows in Hummingbird Wings

Australian photographer Christian Spencer has spent 19 years living in Brazil's Itatiaia National Park, and one of the things he has focused his camera on is the beautiful sight of sunlight passing through hummingbird wings. His project is titled Winged Prism.

Pixelmator Pro Extension Adds Layers, RAW Editing and More to Apple Photos

Earlier today, popular macOS Photoshop alternative Pixelmator Pro just released a major update. Pixelmator Pro 1.4 'Hummingbird' adds a slew of useful new features, but the biggest news is the addition of an Apple Photos extension that turns Apple's built-in photos app into a full-blown editing suite by integrating all of Pixelmator's features.

5 Projects to Push Your iPhone Camera to its Limits

For the past few years, I have been really enjoying pushing the iPhone camera as far as it can go, to do photography projects that many people might not have realized you can do with an iPhone. I also use other cameras, but there’s something fun about the always-in-your-pocket aspect of iPhone photography.

A Hummingbird Swarm Photo Shot with a Mirror and a Bird Feeder

This past weekend, New York-based photographer Brian Maffitt set up an angled mirror underneath his bird feeder and photographed hummingbirds for a few hours. Afterward, he combined a large number of the photos into this single, surreal composite photo showing ruby-throated hummingbirds swarming.

Beautiful Macro Photo of a Hummingbird’s Details

In the world of macro photography, the speedy hummingbird isn't the easiest subject. With a little patience, however, you could nail a shot that reveals details you normally can't see when tracking the bird with your eye.

That's what photographer Chris Morgan was able to do on a recent vacation in Bosque De Paz, Costa Rica (a 3,000 acre biological reserve).

Shooting a Hummingbird (with a Camera)

Editor’s note: Whenever I see a hummingbird, I always want to shoot a low depth of field photograph of it, …