Photographer Reveals Why He Left Digital Behind to Study Alternative Processes

For all intents and purposes, photographer Nick Brandreth was already doing very well as a photographer when he decided to go apprentice at the George Eastman House.

He had already had his work featured in the likes of the Wall Street Journal, but something had been missing ever since he stated shooting digital ... something he only really re-discovered when he dove into alternative processes.

Lost Orson Welles Film Rediscovered and Restored by George Eastman House

When legendary director Orson Welles of "Citizen Kane" fame was all of 23 years old, he made his first movie meant to be seen by a paying public. Dubbed "Too Much Johnson," the silent slapstick comedy was to be shown in three parts, one before each act of a Welles' adaptation of the 1894 play by William Gillette.

The play wound up opening to disastrous reviews without the film, and in a tragic turn of events, what was thought to be the only copy of the film was destroyed in a fire at Welles' villa in Spain. Fortunately, that wasn't the case.

Visit the World’s Oldest Photo Museum Through Google Art Project

Opened in 1949, the George Eastman House in Rochester, New York is the world's oldest museum dedicated to photography. It's world renowned for its collection of more than 400,000 photos and negatives dating back to when the medium was first invented.

If you would like to check out some of the museum's photos but can't make the trip out to Rochester, there's now a sleek new way for you to browse the imagery. The museum announced this week that it has become the first photo museum to join the Google Art Project.

George Eastman House Enlists Scientific Aid in Preserving Fading Daguerreotypes

Eight years ago, it was discovered that some of the earliest daguerreotypes ever taken were fading away before our very eyes. Given the historical significance of these photographs, watching them deteriorate over time was unacceptable. So, in an attempt to save them, George Eastman House has enlisted the help of the University of Rochester.