On ‘Exploitation’ in Photography

I recently wrote about the importance of discourse on the ethics around photography, where I offered my perspective on why rules and doctrines around decision making can diminish your ability to stand behind your work, justify your decisions, and really take responsibility and ownership over your vision.

Can(‘t) You See? Or, The Ethics of Photographing Vulnerable People

My name is Simon Sharp, and I'm a documentary photographer. In this article, I will explore why I believe a photographer took pictures he should have refrained from taking and why the industry -- both print and NGO -- promoted them without apparently seeing what they were.

Photog Using the Power of Photography to Help Stop Exploitation & War in Congo

We hope you never get sick of hearing about stories that show the true power of photography to affect change, because I doubt we'll ever get sick of finding and sharing them. The most recent such story we've stumbled across is told by photojournalist Marcus Bleasdale, whose work has already helped curtail the efforts of warlords in Africa who are exploiting children in their attempt to rule Congo.