This Photographer Captures Rarely Seen Side of Australian Nature

Australia presents some serious challenges for landscape photographers, like lighting. For most of the day, the Australian landscape is bathed in a very harsh, bright light, which amps up contrast and washes out colors.

Your Work Deserves a .photography Domain

If you’re trying to establish your name as a professional photographer, building the right website and choosing a proper domain name for your business is essential to your success.

What is a .Photography Domain and Why Do You Need One?

One of the best things about photography is it is an art form that is currently easily accessible to practically everyone. From creatives shooting on analog systems with film to professionals with the latest and most powerful DSLR and mirrorless systems to influencers working with a smartphone. No matter what is being used, everyone can capture life's most important moments.

Yahoo Finally Takes Control of Domain Name

Five years after acquiring the photo sharing service Flickr, Yahoo has finally obtained ownership of the domain name

One of the common characteristics of Web 2.0 companies is the use of misspelled words in their name, since the correctly spelled words are typically too pricey for a bootstrapped web startup to purchase early on.

Flickr was one such company, settling for the now ubiquitous name after being unable to purchase

As you might expect, the enormous popularity of Flickr has led to an absurd amount of traffic for, as people often type in the domain name either as a typo or being ignorant of the "correct" spelling".