Canon’s Latest Creative Experiment is… Weird

"The Lab" is a series of 6 creative experiments being conducted on photographers by Canon Australia. Early efforts were interesting: 6 photographers were asked to shoot portraits of the same subject while given different backstories, and then another 6 were asked to shoot photos of the same objects with no repeats.

But the experiments have started getting weirder and weirder. For its latest one, Canon invited 6 photographers to a studio shoot. Only after arriving did the participants find out that the studio was entirely empty, that there were no props, and that selfies were forbidden.

6 Photographers Asked to Shoot the Same Objects… With No Repeats

Canon Australia has been conducting a series of experiments that are "designed to shift creative thinking behind the lens." For the latest one, titled "Evolution," the company gathered 6 professional photographers and gave them everyday objects to photograph. But there was one simple rule: the same composition cannot be shot twice.

The results can be seen in the 2-minute video above.

6 Photographers Asked to Shoot Portraits of 1 Man… With a Twist

Canon conducted an interesting experiment on the power of perspective in portrait photography. The camera company enlisted the help of 6 photographers and asked them each to independently shoot portraits of a man named Michael. But there was a twist: each photographer was told a different thing about Michael's background.