Photo Print Sale is Raising Money to Benefit Ocean Conservation Groups

Close-up of the eye of a whale submerged in water, giving a detailed view of its textured skin with a bluish-gray hue. The image captures the wrinkles and natural markings around the eye, conveying a sense of calm and majesty.
Eye of the Giant by Karim Iliya. All of the photos in this article are available prints from 100 for the Ocean.

100 photographers have donated prints for a limited-time sale to raise money for ocean conservation groups.

100 for the Ocean was founded by photographers Paul Nicklen, Cristina Mittermeier, and Chase Teron who have enlisted a host of other talented snappers from wildlife photography and beyond including Steve McCurry, Jimmy Chin, Pete Souza, Brooke Shaden, and Art Wolfe.

The prints start at $100 in editions of 100 and the money will go toward the nonprofit SeaLeagcy which will help three ocean-based charities: Coral Gardeners, Young Ocean Explorers, and Oceans Initiative.

“What we’re doing is leaning into SeaLegacy’s expertise and credibility and effectiveness in the field of communication,” explains Mittermeier.

“And by producing communication packages for the recipients, all the licensing of the footage, all the production, all the amplification through Paul, Christina, and SeaLegacy channels.”

Three orcas swim in a calm, blue ocean. The middle orca is emerging vertically, with its head above the water, while the two on either side have only their dorsal fins visible. A seagull flies above, all set against a serene, hazy backdrop.
Peekaboo by Cristina Mittermeier.
A lioness lounges on a thick, curved tree branch against a cloudy sky background. Her body is relaxed with one front leg hanging over the branch. The scene evokes a sense of tranquility and natural beauty.
Golden Fur by Chris Schmid.
Two cougars rest on a grassy hill illuminated by sunlight, with dramatic snow-capped mountains and a cloudy sky in the background.
Pumas of Patagonia by Lucas Bustamante.
Sharks swim just below the clear blue ocean surface. Above, a dramatic sky features a double rainbow arcing through billowing clouds. The scene captures a serene, yet powerful view of nature both above and below the water.
A Slice of Heaven in the Tuamotus by Emmett Sparling.

Mittermeier tells PetaPixel that ocean conservation groups often struggle with communication as it is one of the last areas to receive funding.

“It’s filling that gap because when you look at the budget shortfall, we’re competing with communication budgets with Coca-Cola,” she says.

“So there’s these people, these three recipients that are doing incredible work, but they’re not expert communicators.”

Mittermeier describes SeaLegacy as a “communications and marketing agency for the ocean” that aims to bring awareness of the issues it faces to the public.

“We cannot save species or ecosystems if people don’t know about them and if people don’t know how to help,” Mittermeier adds.

A solitary crocodile floats calmly in clear blue water, with its body fully visible from a top-down view. The texture and pattern of its scaly skin are detailed, and its long, slender tail extends out behind it.
Salty by Lewis Burnett.
A woman in a green dress stands on a grassy cliff edge, gently touching a small, lone tree with fresh green leaves that grows out horizontally over a vast, cloudy landscape. The scene evokes a sense of tranquility and nature's beauty.
Mother Nature by Elizabeth Gadd.
A herd of horses grazes in a sunlit field with the stunning peaks of Torres del Paine in Patagonia, Chile, towering in the background under a dynamic, cloud-filled sky. The dramatic lighting highlights the rugged mountainous landscape and the tranquility of the scene.
Wild Heart by Chris Byrne.
A young giraffe strides across a desolate, foggy landscape under a cloudy sky. Three birds fly alongside it, creating a dynamic scene amidst the muted colors and vast emptiness.
Atmosphere by Shaaz Jung.

Who are the Beneficiaries for the 2024 100 for the Ocean?

Coral Gardeners

A leader in coral restoration, Coral Gardeners is working harder than ever to save global coral reefs. This is in alignment with SeaLegacy’s mission to restore degraded habitats and with SeaLegacy’s focus on French Polynesia and the Pacific.

Young Ocean Explorers

New Zealand’s Young Ocean Explorers are driving generational change by inspiring school children to protect and cherish their oceans. Through their work, they hope to create Marine Protected Areas in a nation that is 93% ocean.

Oceans Initiative

Oceans Initiative is based in the Pacific Northwest (Canada) and is generating the science that raises the alarm on the many stressors (logging, mining, industrial fishing, fish farms, oil and
natural gas transportation) contributing to the eventual collapse of the Salish Sea, including the extinction of the Southern Resident Killer whales, the collapse of salmon and herring fisheries,
and the disappearance of kelp forests.

To buy a print, head to 100 for the Ocean’s website.