Woman is Killed After Getting Too Close to a Train While Taking Selfie

A group of people stands on a gravel surface taking photos and enthusiastically cheering as a vintage steam locomotive passes by. One person is raising their fist in excitement, while others use their phones to capture the moment. The sky is clear and blue.
Moments before tragedy.

A woman in Mexico has died after being hit by a train that she was trying to position herself next to for a selfie.

The woman has been identified as 29-year-old Dulce Alondra who was on a day out on Tuesday with her young son to see a vintage steam train known as The Empress.

Alondra stood too close to the passing locomotive in the town of Nopala de Villagran, 60 miles northwest of Mexico City. She was struck on the head by one of the pistons and died from a traumatic brain injury, according to local media.

She was buried yesterday afternoon (Thursday) in her hometown of Huichapan with a video online apparently showing her funeral. Alondra leaves behind her five-year-old son.

A woman with long, dark hair is standing indoors. She is wearing a black blazer over a patterned top and holding a small object in her hands. The background features white walls and a large red letter "E".
The 29-year-old woman was identifed as Dulce Alondra.

The Canadian Pacific 2816, known as The Empress, travels from Calgary in Canada through the United States before reaching its final destination in Mexico City.

“We regret to share that a woman was fatally injured while standing foul of a passing train soon after it departed a station in the municipality of Nopala de Villagr├ín, Hidalgo on Tuesday. This tragic incident is under investigation,” the operators of the train, Candian Pacific Kansas City, tell the Daily Mail.

“We are deeply saddened by this loss of life and wish to express our condolences to the woman’s family and loved ones.

“For their own safety and that of the crews, all spectators looking at any train must always remain at least 33 feet back from the train and the tracks. Spectators must never stand on railway tracks, try to board rail equipment, or climb on rail infrastructure. Always use caution around tracks and trains.”

An ambulance arrived on the scene but Alondra died instantly from her injuries. Tributes have been paid to her on Facebook.

“Life is fragile and at times it’s taken away from us in an instant. I will miss you forever my friend,” writes friend Patty Gar.

However, there were some who criticized Alondra for her “recklessness.”

“This incident is a reminder of the dangers associated with selfies in unconventional places,” wrote one person.

“Each year hundreds of people around the world suffer serious accidents or lose their lives trying to get the perfect image for social media.”

Death by Selfie

Sadly, what happened on Tuesday in Mexico is not an isolated incident. PetaPixel has reported on multiple tragic incidents where a person has lost their life in the United States and beyond.

And it’s not just tourists, photographers also face dangers. 19-year-old Jonathan Fielding passed away on January 27 while shooting photos on Moon Overlook near Torrey, Utah.

Researchers have deemed the increasing amount of accidents to be a “public health risk” with people literally dying for a perfect photo to post on social media.

Please take precautions when visiting beauty spots or tourist attractions. Always follow local guidance and abide by barriers and warning signs.