Convert Your Contax 45mm f/2 Zeiss Lens Into an M-Mount Optic

A person wearing a face mask rides a scooter next to a large industrial area with orange cranes and structures. The background features buildings covered in red ivy and a clear blue sky, reflected in a water body below.

Funleader has a new Contax G45 F2 to Leica M Conversion, and it’s available for pre-order now.

The conversion offers a non-destructive conversion to an M-mount, both with and without a lens. “It is not an optical reproduction and fully displays high resolution and beautiful colors that Contax 45mm f/2 Carl Zeiss Planar T* lens should have,” Funleader explains on its listing page.

A photo shows three large rubber duck sculptures placed on a bed of gravel in an outdoor area. The ducks are of varying sizes, with the largest in the center.

A modern, reflective metallic table and chairs with an abstract, sculptural design sit on a wooden deck. The blue-tinted surfaces have smooth, curving edges with irregular cutouts, creating an artistic and contemporary aesthetic.

A display of golden, out-of-focus lights creates a bokeh effect against a dark background, giving the impression of a festive or celebratory atmosphere. The lights vary in size and intensify, with a soft, glowing appearance.

Plus, a price reduction during the pre-order period brings the helicoid-only option sans lens to $489, down from $539, and the lens-included option to $999, down from $1,199. Pre-orders will begin shipping in early July; when they do, the original price will return. Funleader also noted it only has 300 lenses, which will ship in batches based on the order in which purchases come in.

The conversion sports a wave pattern design, combining retro and modern aesthetics. Users can opt for the black or silver version as well.

Close-up of a wooden post. The left side is painted green with a rough texture resembling tree bark. The right side features colorful, geometric patterns of triangles painted in red, blue, yellow, and black. The border between the two sections is teal.

A vibrant wall made of small, reflective, circular discs is in sharp focus on the right side of the image. A person in a yellow jacket is blurred in the background on the left side, standing near a red sign and green foliage.

Notably, Funleader tells PetaPixel it plans to release another lens in September. However, due to sourcing issues, this will be the last batch of the Contax 45mm group with Zeiss lenses.

Previously, Funleader launched the first G35 M-mount non-destructive conversion. This product, released in August 2019, only offered 170 sets of converted lenses. Not only does Funleader note this led to a matching total of 170 happy customers, but it also helped influence the new conversion on sale now.

A close-up of modern skyscrapers with glass facades. The reflections in the glass show other buildings and a pedestrian bridge, adding a layered, abstract effect. The scene captures the geometric lines and mirrored surfaces of the urban architecture.

A blue bottle of Citadelle Gin and a clear glass with textured design sit on a table in a dimly lit bar. The background is blurred, featuring bar shelves and ambient lighting.

A close-up of golden-yellow leaves on a branch, sharply in focus, with a blurred background of dark red foliage and a light blue sky. The leaves are fan-shaped and appear vibrant in the sunlight.

“For the G45 helicoid, we fully absorbed users’ opinions on G35mm helicoid and presented it with a retro appearance,” Funleader notes in its listing. “If you already have a G45mm lens and want to use it on Leica M, then the helicoid might be a good choice for you.”

For photographers still deciding about Funleader M-mount conversion, the company released a set of sample photos that show what it can do.

The images, taken by Funleader partner photographer Gao Qiang, show the lenses off in several scenarios. Potential buyers can see it in various lighting, including the sunny daytime and dimly lit interiors. Close-ups, bokeh-heavy images, architectural subjects, nature, and product photography are all on display too.

Image credits: Funleader