Acer’s Dual Lens 3D Photo/Video Camera is Coming This Year for $549

A dual-lens camera sits on a gray surface. The device has two circular lenses on the front and a viewfinder screen on the back displaying a picture of a person and a dog near a lake with mountains in the background. The brand name "SPATIAL LABS" is visible.

Acer is all in on three dimensions. The company’s SpatialLabs devices, including monitors and laptops, support stereoscopic 3D images without using glasses. While there is some 3D content already out there, Acer now has a way for users to capture 3D imagery of their own, the Acer SpatialLabs Eyes Stereo Camera.

This compact 3D camera is designed for photographers and seamlessly integrates with SpatialLabs devices, streaming, and video calling platforms, per Acer.

Like all stereo cameras, the SpatialLabs one sports a pair of cameras — each with eight megapixels of resolution. The camera includes a built-in selfie mirror, autofocus and touch focus, electronic image stabilization, and a manual mode “for more experienced photographers.”

“The SpatialLabs Eyes Stereo Camera completes Acer’s stereoscopic 3D portfolio, providing solutions from content capturing and creation, to display and interaction,” says Jerry Kao, COO, Acer Inc. “We hope to empower users to capture the world around them in stunning stereoscopic 3D through the new camera and we’re excited to see the possibilities and the amazing content they will be able to create and share.”

The image shows the front view of a sleek, metallic SpatialLabs device with two prominent camera lenses on each side and a central circular knob or button. The brand name "SPATIALLABS" is visible on the bottom right corner of the device.

These promised manual controls for seasoned shooters include controls over ISO, white balance, and shutter speed, at least.

Given that the f/2 lenses are 3mm and equivalent to 21mm, it is immediately evident that each camera sports a small image sensor. Acer doesn’t detail the precise sensor it is using, but the company says it is a Type 1/2.8 CMOS imager. A seven times crop factor is significant, and beyond what is seen with many modern smartphones.

A boy in a blue shirt and red shorts throws a basketball while a playful dog jumps to catch it. This vibrant scene is displayed on an Acer monitor and the Spatial Labs device, giving a 3D effect that makes the boy and dog appear to pop out of the screens.

Per the provided specs, the camera can shoot JPEG still frames. The camera’s ISO ranges from 100 to 1,600, and its shutter speed ranges from a second to 1/2,000s.

The camera sports a 2.4-inch touchscreen and weighs just 220 grams (7.8 ounces). The camera is 104 x 65.4 x 23.2 millimeters (4.1 x 2.6 x 0.9 inches). Media is recorded on a microSD card, and the camera has a USB-C port for interfacing and charging. Aesthetically, it looks pretty similar to Intel’s failed RealSense camera series. Undoubtedly Acer is hoping for a better fate.

Acer says users can stream 3D video content to YouTube and use the stereo camera for 3D video on Teams and Zoom. People can also create content for AR/VR headsets, including Meta Quest and Apple Vision Pro. And, of course, 3D content works with Acer’s glasses-free SpatialLabs notebooks and displays.

A collection of six laptops and one gadget featuring different images of women in outdoor settings, including fields, mountains, and forests. The screens showcase various activities like posing, hiking, and cycling. The background is a dark, grassy terrain.

Acer has also provided sample images for download, although they must be displayed as side-by-side 2D images here. Given the recent controversy concerning sample images, PetaPixel performed a detailed check on these, and they passed the sniff test.

A family of three sits on grass in front of a red house. A man and woman smile as a young girl offers a toy to a black and white dog. Trees and a fence are visible in the background. The photo is mirrored side by side with identical images.
ASCII SpatialLabs Eyes
A person stands on a grassy lawn, framed by several houses and trees. An American flag is visible on a flagpole. A black and white dog runs across the lawn. The image is a side-by-side comparison of two similar scenes.
ASCII SpatialLabs Eyes
A family of three sits together on a wooden patio surrounded by decorations and rustic decor. The mother and father smile and look at their child, who sits in between them. Various food items are placed on the table in front of them, enhancing the cozy atmosphere.
ASCII SpatialLabs Eyes
A young girl stands outdoors in a lush, green forest holding a colorful umbrella with animal patterns. Dressed in a white, short-sleeved dress, she gazes upward in the left image and smiles gently in the right image. The ground is covered in leaves and greenery.
ASCII SpatialLabs Eyes
A woman in a white dress stands amidst a field of vibrant blue and purple flowers, with lush green trees on a hillside in the background. She gazes down, blending harmoniously with the natural landscape.
ASCII SpatialLabs Eyes

“Whether users are reviewing content on Acer SpatialLabs laptops or displays, VR/AR headsets, or even 3D projectors, the SpatialLabs Eyes helps present the richness and impact of their 3D content as intended. The camera also comes with a downloadable gallery feature so users can look back at their 3D portfolio and re-experience their immersive 3D journey,” Acer promises.

The Acer SpatialLabs 3D Camera will be available sometime during Q3 this year for $549.

Image credits: Acer