Ray-Ban Meta Glasses Lets You Post Photos Directly to Instagram Stories

A man with a beard and glasses looking upwards, with a colorful, abstract mural in the background. he wears a brown jacket and carries a backpack strap over one shoulder.
Image by Jordan Drake for PetaPixel

Users can now share photos from their Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses directly to their Instagram Story without ever needing to take out their phone.

In a blog post published on Tuesday, Meta announced that it had updated it Ray-Ban smart glasses with new hands-free functionality.

One of the new features in the new update allows users to share photos as Instagram Stories directly from their Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses device.

“Whether you’re living your best life at a music festival, singing ‘Happy Birthday’ at your niece’s party, or taking in breathtaking views on a hike, some moments are just meant to be shared,” Meta writes in the blog post this week.

“And now, it’s even easier for you to share from your Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses directly to your Instagram Story without needing to take out your phone.”

The Instagram support on the new Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses will allow users to prompt the glasses to post to the app before or after taking a picture.

After the user takes a photo, they can simply say “Hey Meta, share my last photo to Instagram” or “Hey Meta, post a photo to Instagram.”

This then lets the wearer take a new photo on the fly with their Ray-Ban smart glasses and share the image on Instagram with their friends and followers.

Meta says that these features are rolling out gradually on the Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses in case the user does not see the update right away.

The Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses are also getting hands-free integrations with Amazon Music and meditation app Calm. Users can now stream music from Amazon Music without having to take out their phone by saying “Hey Meta, play Amazon Music.” Users can also control audio playback with touch or voice controls while their phone remains in their pocket.

The launch of the new features comes a month after Meta rolled out multimodal AI to Ray-Ban smart glasses to enable users to ask questions about what they see. This enabled Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses wearers to take a photo and have Meta’s AI give more context or translate foreign text.