Get Ready for Your Summer Photo Adventures with ProMaster Tripods

A person with long hair is setting up a camera on a tripod on a rocky beach during sunset. They are wearing a red jacket and black pants, and the ocean is visible in the background with waves gently hitting the shore.

It’s that time of year again – where spring begins to give way to summer. Soon, the sun will be shining, the days will be getting longer, and it’s time to start planning those summer photography trips and travels. As you prepare for your summer adventures, it’s essential to have the right gear to make the most of your photography experiences. Tripods are a must have.

In this ProMaster tripod round up, we will explore their versatile tripod lines, highlighting their unique characteristics, innovative features, including Arca-compatible Quick Release plates on the entire line up, and a wide range of options to suit every photographer’s needs. Whether you are a professional seeking maximum stability or an enthusiast looking for a reliable companion on your adventures, ProMaster has a tripod that will elevate your photography game to new heights.

Full disclosure: This sponsored article is brought to you by ProMaster.


A photographer stands on a rocky terrain, using a tripod to steady their camera. The backdrop features smooth, rolling hills in shades of brown and gray. The photographer is dressed warmly, wearing a beanie and a backpack, focused on capturing the landscape.

Epoch blends vintage style with modern materials and craftsmanship. The 4-way pan/tilt head offers a higher level of precision to dial in on your perfect shot. Epoch’s head adds a top movement, allowing you to rotate the camera above any tilt you have applied below. Three rigid leg sections are made from high-strength, thin-wall aluminum for a beautiful appearance without tipping the scales.

Epoch is excellent for landscapes, astrophotography, time lapses, and long exposures in tough weather conditions. Combining classic looks and contemporary performance, there’s nothing like Epoch for inspiring image making.

Price: $274.95 (after $25 savings)

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Three individuals are seen using camera tripods in different outdoor settings. The first person is on a beach, the second is by a river with a cityscape in the background, and the third is on rocky terrain. They are all focused on taking photographs.

The Chronicle is a tripod that goes above and beyond to improve your image capture. It’s ten pieces of gear in one that adds functionality at every step, in a contained package. A completely new take on the ball head switches from camera to phone mode with the twist of a knob. The Flexor, a reimagined center column with an integrated 3-leg base, converts the Chronicle to a handheld stabilizer, tabletop tripod, or 3-leg monopod. Whether you’re taking family photos, shooting landscapes, or capturing anything from sports to astrophotography, take this tripod with you on your day-to-day travels and bigger adventures.

Carbon Fiber Kit: $349.99 (after $50 savings)
Aluminum Kit: $269.99 (after $50 savings)

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A person in a bright red jacket and black beanie stands on a rocky ledge overlooking a vast desert landscape with tripod and camera setup. The sky is clear, and the sun casts a warm light on the scene, highlighting the rugged terrain below.

The Specialist series of tripods are a great fit for the discerning creator. Rock solid from top to bottom this line offers maximum stability and height. Thanks to the large tension knob, you can easily make ball head adjustments. Within the larger knob lies a secondary knob known as the memory lock to set a repeatable tension when moving the camera on the ball head. Legs feature PROlock leg locks, so you can instantly deploy and retract each leg section. Offered in 3 different sizes and both aluminum and carbon fiber configurations you’ve got a lot of variety.

Price: $179.95-$349.95 (after $50 savings)

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A woman taking a picture of herself with a camera.

The XC-M line is extremely versatile and portable with a lightweight design. The tension control knob has an integrated memory lock dial to set a repeatable tension stop. With transverse folding legs, every tripod in the line folds down for easy transport. Each leg’s angle and length are independently adjustable, allowing the XC-M tripod to properly support a camera on uneven ground. The XC-M adapts to be the tripod you need with a full line of accessories and the ability to quickly convert to a monopod..

Price: $134.95-$249.95 (after savings up to $50)

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Full disclosure: This sponsored article was brought to you by ProMaster.