Samsung is Discounting Monitors it Hasn’t Even Announced Yet

A large, brightly illuminated rectangular portal on a dark background, surrounded by scattered glowing particles and subtle stars.

Samsung is advertising a $50 savings on monitors it intends to announce at some point in the near future but is providing no details on what they are, who they’re for, and how much they might eventually cost.

Asking potential customers to “expect wonders” ahead of an ambiguous 2024 launch, Samsung is offering $50 off to anyone who expresses enough interest in the idea of possibly ordering a monitor — even if they don’t know that they want it yet. Those who do will also be entered for a chance to earn $5,000 in Samsung store credit.

The offer runs from May 13 through June 4, indicating that the company plans to announce something in the next month. The reservation doesn’t require an interested buyer to confirm they will buy something, for whatever that’s worth, and the $50 credit applies to an “eligible, upcoming” 2024 Samsung monitor.

It’s a strange promotion. Samsung makes a wide range of monitors, from affordable 27-inch curved gaming LCDs , to its ViewFinity color-accurate IPS monitors, to its two-in-one Smart Monitor M7 series, all the way up to its outrageous $1,700 55-inch Odyssey Ark (which is mammoth, by the way — 55-inches doesn’t really accurately portray how huge this display is).

That is a huge breadth of possible options that span a wide range of end-use cases — and that doesn’t even mention Samsung’s enterprise-focused monitors. With that in mind, asking anyone interested in a monitor — basically, any human who has a computer — to think about ordering a new one without even a hint as to the possible type of display, price bracket, or even who they might be made for is just bizarre.

If viewed in a vacuum, it might seem like it’s just a data play from Samsung — an attempt to see who of its customers might be interested in monitors, generally — and that certainly is an aspect of it. However, the company might genuinely believe that there are possible customers who are as excited about buying new monitors as there are those who are hyped for new video games or smartphones.

And that’s not just a guess, because Samsung hosted a similar promotion ahead of its Galaxy S24 launch earlier this year, which didn’t come across nearly as strange. It’s one thing to get excited about a next-generation smartphone — and, arguably, pretty normal — but it seems like Samsung is trying to replicate that same level of interest for computer displays. It’s not really a one-to-one comparison and as a result, the attempt just ends up coming across as disconnected and weird.

It’s just too broad. There is no real ability for anyone to determine if they will even be interested in a new monitor when so little is known. Whatever the case, the promotion is available now until June 5.

Image credits: Samsung