Samsung Will Host a Mobile-Focused Unpacked Event on January 17

Samsung will host an Unpacked event on January 17 focused on “Galaxy AI,” which likely means a mobile-focused launch with an emphasis on Galaxy smartphones and, presumably, the company will launch the S24 series.

“A revolutionary mobile experience is coming. Get ready to discover a new era full of possibilities with the latest Galaxy innovations, designed to transform how you live, connect, and create. The new Galaxy S series will set a higher standard for the most intelligent mobile experience yet,” Samsung says in a public announcement of the event.

“Experience the epic in everyday life like never before.”

The Unpacked event will be hosted in San Jose at the SAP Center, which is just down the road from Samsung’s biggest mobile competitors in Google and Apple. While a Galaxy S24 smartphone launch is not guaranteed, most presume it will be the focus of the presentation. Samsung launched the S23 and S23 Ultra smartphones in a similar time frame last year at an event in San Francisco.

While what exactly is being announced wasn’t revealed, Samsung has still set up a page that lets interested parties pre-order “the newest phone from Galaxy” in a not so subtle all-but-confirmation of a new flagship handheld.

Samsung is touting “Zoom with Galaxy AI” as a coming feature in the new Galaxy phone in two very quick promotional videos on the pre-order page as well as in the Unpacked announcement video above.

Two months ago, Samsung announced a new sensor-based AI called ISOCELL Zoom Anyplace which it said unlocked several new capabilities when combined with the company’s latest 200-megapixel sensor.

It allows the camera to quickly find a fast-moving subject and follow it inside of a high-resolution frame, unlocks dual recording of both the zoomed-in area and the full frame of view, and provides the ability to zoom in and out in any direction without changing the angle of view. It’s unclear if that last capability extends across the multiple cameras that smartphones are typically equipped with but if so, it would solve a problem that PetaPixel‘s Jordan Drake noticed with the latest iPhone.

Samsung is hyper-focused on sensor-based AI according to reports out of Korea and the “Galaxy AI” this year’s Unpacked promises is likely the first big step in that direction.