Samsung Expands its ‘Smart Monitor’ Lineup with Three New Options

Samsung Smart Monitors 2023

Samsung has announced its 2023 Smart Monitor lineup that includes a trio of monitors designed to meet users’ “watch, play, and work” requirements.

The Samsung Smart Monitor M8 (M80C) has received multiple upgrades and improvements from the previous generation. The M8 comes in two sizes: a 32-inch version and a new 27-inch model. Each size sports a 4K resolution display and features a stylish, slim design. The display is only 11.4 millimeters (0.45 inches) thick and is 75 percent thinner than the previous model.

Samsung Smart Monitors 2023

The display ships with a height-adjustable stand that can now pivot up to 90 degrees, meaning that users can rotate the display into a vertical orientation, ideal for reading long documents or editing portrait-orientation photos.

Concerning photo and video editing performance, the 2023 model of the M8 monitor includes HDR 10+, 400-nit brightness, and coverage up to 99 percent of the sRGB color gamut. The full specifications don’t list a different maximum brightness for HDR, although 400 nits doesn’t meet “true” HDR standards. The display has a 60 Hz refresh rate, 4ms response time, and supports 1.07 billion colors.

Samsung Smart Monitors 2023

As for connectivity, the monitor has a micro HDMI port and a pair of USB-C ports, including power delivery (65W). The monitor also includes Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, built-in 2.2-channel speakers, and an integrated 2K resolution webcam. The camera includes face tracking and auto zoom capabilities, and the monitor’s mic supports voice-activated assistants like Amazon Alexa.

“We are raising the bar for Smart Monitors globally with our new lineup and especially our enhanced M8 model. Within a single monitor, users can enjoy the best of entertainment and gaming, productivity, design, and personalized convenience and comfort,” says David Phelps, Vice President of Product Management, Samsung Electronics America.

Samsung Smart Monitors 2023

The Samsung Smart Monitor M7 also comes in 27-inch and 32-inch sizes and offers 4K UHD resolution, like the M8, but it has a lower typical brightness of 300 nits and supports HDR 10 rather than HDR 10+.

The M7 also doesn’t include a built-in camera, although it has the same speakers as the M8.

Rounding out the revised lineup is the Smart Monitor M5. It comes in the same sizes as the M7 and M8 but sports a lower Full HD resolution. It’s also a bit dimmer, topping out at 250 nits, and like the M7, it supports HDR 10 but not HDR 10+.

Samsung Smart Monitors 2023

The M5 doesn’t include a built-in mic and therefore doesn’t work with voice assistants, and it doesn’t include the revised slim design of its higher-end siblings. The M5 lacks a built-in webcam, and the monitor has HDMI 1.4 instead of HDMI 2.0 support. None of the new displays have HDMI 2.1 support, which isn’t an issue given that they’re 60Hz panels rather than 4K/120Hz.

Pricing and Availability

The 2023 Samsung Smart Monitors will be available beginning in June. The 27-inch models start at $280 for the Smart Monitor M5. The M7 is priced at $550, and the M8 costs $650.

Samsung Smart Monitors 2023

The larger 32-inch displays start at $300 for the M5, with the M7 and M8 retailing for $600 and $700, respectively. The M8 comes in four colors: Daylight Blue, Spring Green, Sunset Pink, and Warm White. The M7 is only available in Warm White, and the M5 is available in black or white.

Image credits: Samsung