iPad Air Gets M2 and Size Upgrade

Four iPad Air models in different shades including blue, silver, and grey, are fanned out with their apple logos visible against a soft blue gradient background.

Apple announced an overhaul to the iPad Air, giving it the powerful M2 chip and a new larger size option.

The iPad Air has been due for a refresh, and Apple has delivered. Most notable is the new M2 chip, which was already available in the iPad Pro model. At least, the M2 chip was available in the iPad Pro model before that lineup got its own upgrade to the just-announced M4 chip.

Still, the iPad Air previously only had the M1 chip, which came out back in 2020. While it was great four years ago, it’s been four years, and technology marches forward.

The new iPad Air in the 13-inch model.

Additionally, Apple announced a new size option for iPad Air users, matching the offerings of the Pro line. The new size has a larger 13-inch display to compliment the existing 11-inch Air. These are the same sizes the iPad Pro has, so users won’t have to make the big leap in power and price to get a bigger screen.

“Both deliver phenomenal performance and advanced capabilities,” Apple says. “Making iPad Air more powerful and versatile than ever before. Featuring a faster CPU, GPU, and Neural Engine in M2, the new iPad Air offers even more performance and is an incredibly powerful device for artificial intelligence.”

The iPad Air in the 11-inch and 13-inch sizes side-by-side.

The iPad Air gets some smaller updates as well, including a new spot for the front-facing camera. As Apple continues pushing the iPad as a laptop alternative and offering cases and stands that keep the iPad in landscape mode, the front-facing camera sometimes feels a bit awkward. The new iPad Air (and Pro) moves it to the landscape edge, providing a more natural placement for video calls.

The new iPad Air also gets faster Wi-Fi, and those using the cellular-enabled option get faster 5G as well.

Apple also announced a new Apple Pencil, and the iPad Air is able to take advantage of the updates here too with support for the Apple Pencil Pro.

The 11-inch iPad Air keeps its $599 price and the new 13-inch model will run $799. Pre-orders begin today, and the new iPad Air models will be available as soon as next Wednesday, May 15. It comes in Space Gray, Starlight, Purple, and Blue.

Image credits: Apple