Next iPad Pro May Be Better at Photo Editing With M3 Chip, OLED Screen

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Apple’s iPad Pro might get a major update in the coming year that could up its image and video editing appeal.

The pricier tablet line will continue using Apple’s ARM-based chips, this time potentially upgrading to the M3, according to a report from Bloomberg. The M1 and M2 chips in the iPad Pro models have made the line quite powerful already, allowing for a fuller Photoshop app, for example. But it still won’t quite replace a full computer, especially for those who really want to make the most out of photo and video work.

The next-generation M3 chip, however, could bring that goal closer to reality. The updated iPad Pro will also have OLED displays, according to Bloomberg, which can reproduce colors more accurately and provide a richer and brighter display overall. The latest iPad Pro models can be connected to external monitors, of which there are many OLED options. But for a photographer on the go, having a better built-in screen could be a game changer.

In terms of accessories, Bloomberg adds that the Magic Keyboard for iPad will also get an upgrade, specifically with a larger trackpad. The existing option acts as a case, keyboard, and trackpad, magnetically mounting the tablet, which can be tilted at varying (though limited) degrees. It’s also possible to use other Bluetooth keyboards and mice with an iPad, which can further enhance the usability. But for such an accessory that runs upwards of $300, a bit of an improvement will likely be welcomed.

The changes come amid a lull for Apple’s tablet lineup, which Bloomberg notes has suffered middling sales, and the Pro models specifically haven’t seen any major changes in several years. Further exacerbating the issue, the M2 chip that the current iPad Pro sports is also in the MacBook Air, which used to be the company’s cheaper and less powerful laptop. A 13-inch MacBook Air with the M2 chip starts at about $1,100, while the 11-inch iPad Pro with the same M2 starts at $800. Add on a Magic Keyboard to get the fuller experience and that’s another $300, bringing the total cost to the same $1,100 with slightly less functionality for the sake of slightly more portability.

The iPad shakeup will likely be crucial for the line, but it won’t come anytime soon, according to Bloomberg’s report. It isn’t expected to appear at September’s iPhone- and Apple Watch-focused event, and might not even see a release until next spring or early summer.

Image credits: Apple