SmallRig Debuts New Products and Fund to Support Creators

SmallRig NAB 2024

With NAB 2024 in full swing, many companies have announced new products, shared details on business plans, and given videographers plenty to look forward to in the coming months. SmallRig, a major player in the photo and video space, has just unveiled two new products designed for modern content creators.

Both new products are collaborations with well-known video content creators, Caleb Pike and Andyax.

The SmallRig x Caleb Pike VB212 mini V-Mount battery is designed for portability and versatility, delivering fast charging capabilities and support for multiple interfaces. The battery itself is very similar to the VB99 PetaPixel has used before, albeit with even more power.

The battery is about 30% smaller than traditional V-mount batteries. It’s compatible with various cameras, monitors, transmitters, lights, and other essential gear.

SmallRig NAB 2024

SmallRig says the battery can fully charge in just two hours and output up to 140W watts through PD 3.1 technology. It also includes a parallel circuit, enabling it to fast charge several devices simultaneously.

SmallRig NAB 2024

Compared to the typical version, the Caleb Pike edition includes his signature, DSLR Video Shooter branding, and a signed leather tie for cable organization.

The SmallRig x Andyax Creator Tool Kit promises to be “the ultimate outdoor shooting tool kit,” sporting a modular design, flexible organization, and rugged construction. The kit promises everything a filmmaker needs in the field.

The kit comes in a heat-resistant, wear-resistant, and shockproof housing and includes black duct tape, color tape, a memory card case, HDMI data cable, a lens cleaning kit, numerous wrenches, tools, screws, and more.

SmallRig NAB 2024

“The core idea behind our new products is to address the direct needs of our users, making their creative process smoother and more efficient,” says Zhou Yang, founder and chairman of SmallRig. “We aim to remove any barriers to creativity, enabling storytellers to focus on what they do best.”

In the spirit of supporting creators, SmallRig also announced the SmallRig Awards, a philanthropic effort to support the creation of impactful and powerful content. Associated initiatives aim to back visual storytellers working to instigate societal change. The SmallRig Awards will offer recognition and financial support to projects the company believes can make a positive impact.

SmallRig NAB 2024

“In today’s world, imagery serves as a global social language and communication tool, driving widespread empathy and influence. Rapid advancements in imaging technology and streaming platforms have democratized visual creation, fueling the surge of the imaging scene industry,” Yang says.

“We believe our new initiatives are about contributing to that change, promoting content that goes beyond entertainment to make a real-world impact.”

Image credits: SmallRig