Dzofilm Launches Trio of Sleek New Anamorphic Lenses

The three new Dzofilm Pavo anamorphic lenses.

Cine lens maker Dzofilm announced three new Pavo anamorphic lenses to add to its Pavo lineup.

The three new additions include the macro 65mm T/2.8, 135mm T/2.4, and 180mm T/2.8, as spotted by CineD. The lenses fit in with Dzofilm’s existing Pavo line in terms of form while expanding on functionality.

The 135mm and 180mm lenses provide more telephoto reach than previously offered by the lineup. Before the new announcement of the new anamorphic lenses, the longest lens was only a 100mm prime, which is easily on the lower end of the telephoto range. This also marks the first macro for the Pavo line, CineD points out.

“The Pavo 65mm macro lens features an impressive close focus distance of only 0.366 meters and a 1:2 magnification ratio, allowing you to capture the exquisite details of the macro world from a natural viewpoint,” Dzofilm explains. “The close-up capacity, reminiscent of spherical lenses, combined with the 2X anamorphic effect, produces remarkably dramatic close-up shots, opening up new creative possibilities and artistic expression for filmmakers.”

Dzofilm's Pavo anamorphic lens lineup.

The three lenses match the aesthetics of the other Pavo lenses, which are pretty gorgeous. Sure, the look of the image the lens helps produce is truly important, but it doesn’t hurt to have good-looking gear. The lenses are built using an aluminum alloy with the focal length emblazoned on the body in big, bold numbers with imperial and metric focus markings.

As with the rest of the Pavo anamorphic lens lineup, these come with neutral and blue horizontal flare colors. “The Blue version is adorned with cobalt ink, while the Neutral version is elegantly embellished with vermilion ink,” the Dzofilm website reads.

Dzofilm released a short focal-length demo video accompanying the new lens announcement. In it, viewers see a woman on an important mission, playing on spy movie motifs. The macro lens really shines here, focusing in on minute details. While the content is a little tongue-in-cheek, it’s difficult to deny the stunning quality of the footage.

“This technology in the hands of a creative,” the demo video’s narrator tells viewers, “could have serious impact.”

Image credits: Dzofilm