DZOFilm’s New Gnosis Macro Cine Primes Let You Get Up Close

DZOFilm has announced the Gnosis VV macro line of cinema lenses that it says are designed for cinematic closeups and capturing details with clarity and sharpness.

The lenses are designed to offer up to 1:1, 1.33:1, and 1.5:1 reproduction at 6.6 inches with a sharp focus from the center of the frame, all the way out to the edge.

Coming in focal lengths covering 32mm, 65mm, and 90mm, the Gnosis line manages from wide-angle to telephoto, with a flexible field of view and shooting ranges for different macro situations. Wider focal lengths such as 32mm offer shorter focusing distances, while the 90mm telephoto provides a sense of compression and a naturally soft bokeh.

The company says the sharp details granted by the lenses also promise to ensure uniform color with rich gradation as it moves from in-focus to out-of-focus.

Each lens has a focus rotation of 300 degrees and a constant T-stop of T2.8 with the ability to close down toT22. The lenses are also designed to smoothly adjust the aperture to compensate for light loss when needed, supposedly without causing the camera to move during adjustment which can send the macro subject out of focusing range.

DZOFilm says the lenses have easy-to-read yellow T-stop settings and focusing distances laid out in meters with a 1:10 magnification and +0.1 exposure. Though DZOFilm doesn’t publish the minimum focusing distances for the lenses, the product images suggest a minimum focusing distance of 0.237 meters (9.33 inches) for the 32mm macros, less than 0.29 meters (11.42 inches) for the 65mm macro, and what looks to be 0.274 meters  (10.79 inches) for the 90mm macro.

The company says that the lenses are also designed with consistency in mind, and all three have an industry-standard front diameter of 114mm which makes them compatible with a host of matte boxes and other accessories and eliminates the time-consuming rig adjustments that come with changing lenses that have inconsistent sizes.

All three lenses have a large positive lock (LPL) lens mount found on ARRI camera platforms, but the company also has both PL and EF mounts available.

DZOFilm Gnosis

The retail price for the Gnosis VV Macro line of cine primes is $5,389 each, or $15,999 for the three-lens set. DZOFilm says it expects to ship the lenses in early August.