Petition Aims to Bring Custom LUTs to the Sony a7S III

The Sony a7s III is placed against a colorful background.

Many of Sony’s cameras allow users to import custom LUTs, yet the excellent and video-oriented Sony a7s III is oddly missing from that list. A petition on aims to force Sony’s hand on the matter, though.

Lookup Tables (LUTs) are essentially presets for video files that allow users to apply specific color grading to their videos. While these may be applied during the post-production stages, it’s extremely helpful (and even necessary) for many cinematographers to be able to import them into the camera. Many filmmakers develop their own custom LUTs to create a style specific to their work. Having the option to import those custom LUTs to their camera is beneficial for many cinematographers’ workflows because it allows them to see what the final output will look like right in the camera as they film.

As CineD notes, those who use Sony’s cinema cameras, such as the FX30, FX3, and FX6, already have the option to use custom LUTs. Even some of Sony’s more consumer-grade options, like the vlogging ZV-E1 camera and the a7C II, offer custom in-camera LUT support. Yet, some of its other cameras, like the a7S III, do not offer this feature despite offering many other high-end video features.

In an attempt to prompt Sony to fix this issue, Andy Jackson started a petition on, as Sony Alpha Rumors reports.

“As an avid user of the Sony a7s3, I have grown to appreciate its high-quality features and capabilities,” Jackson explains on the petition page. “However, there is one feature that could significantly enhance my experience — the ability to add custom LUTs directly on the camera. The addition of this feature would not only benefit me but also thousands of other users who value efficiency and flexibility in their work.”

Jackson implores people to sign the petition if they would also like to see custom LUT access added to the Sony a7s III. Since its launch on March 29th, the petition has garnered 397 signatures with a current goal of 500.

It is reasonable to believe that Sony could add this feature via firmware update. Just recently, four of its cameras received significant firmware updates, adding a slew of features, many of which were frequently requested from users.

The a7s III was even one of the cameras in that list, in part getting long-awaited DCI 4K recording at 24 frames per second through an upgrade license available through Creators’ Cloud. Plus, in 2022, Sony released a firmware update for the FX3 that allowed LUT importing, so it has done this before.

To some users, it seems odd to allow custom LUTs on some cameras but not others. It’s even stranger that some entry- and enthusiast-level cameras like the ZV-E1 would offer such a feature, while the pro-level a7s III does not.

As of yet, Sony has not responded to the petition nor PetaPixel‘s request for comment. This article will be updated if Sony provides a statement.

Image credits: Header photo created using an image licensed via Depositphotos.