CineStill 400D Is Now Available in 4×5 Large Format Sheets

Boxes of CineStill 400D large format filmt placed against a purple background.

Film manufacturer CineStill is expanding its offerings for analog photographers. Its popular CineStill 400D will now be available in 4×5 large format sheets.

CineStill 400D is a color film known for its versatility and cinematic look. It features a fine grain and superb detail, with a wide exposure latitude, and vibrant colors. The film provides a base sensitivity of ISO 400 but offers a wide dynamic range and can be rated anywhere from 200 to 800. Users can even push it up to 3,200 for even more versatility.

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The film is designed for just about any subject matter, from portraits and landscapes to fine art. It’s made for C-41 processing, which can be done at a lab or at home.

CineStill initially launched its 400D film through a successful crowdfunding campaign almost exactly two years ago. The campaign, which started with a 35mm format, expanded to 120 format due to its success. A 4×5 format was also produced as a limited edition product exclusively for the supporters of its 400D Film Maker Crowdfunding Campaign.

Now large format shooters can rejoice because it’s no longer a limited edition. CineStill says that it had a large demand for this film from the large format community and that it is now here to stay.

“After years of development and anticipation, we’re thrilled to bring CineStill 400D to large format photographers,” says Steve Carter, Head of Marketing & Outreach at CineStill. “The launch of CineStill 400D in 4×5 format is a testament to the incredible support we received during the 400D FILM MAKER Campaign in 2022, where the community rallied behind the idea of bringing a new 400-ISO color film to large format, as well as the standard 35mm and 120 formats. This expansion of our product line not only meets the demands of the passionate film community but also invites new photographers to explore the creative possibilities of large format photography with CineStill’s unique characteristics.”

CineStill 400D 4×5 format film is available worldwide as of today, April 5 (4/5). For now it is only available at CineStill’s website, but additional retailers will soon follow. CineStill 400D 4×5 comes in boxes with 25 sheets for $109.99.

Image credits: Photographs by CineStill