Husky Hijinks: The World’s Cutest Animal Escape Caught on Camera

A video shows a crowd of huskies.

In what may be the best argument for always having a camera on hand, a video captures a colossal hoard of fluffy huskies running through a shopping mall, and it’s just as adorable as expected.

The video, posted by the South China Morning Post, shows the fluffy march of approximately 100 Siberian Husky dogs running around. They reportedly escaped from a pet café located inside a shopping center in China after the door was left open. On top of the open door, the South China Morning Post reported the group of dogs was excited after seeing their owner for the first time in “a while.”

Now, the video of the cuteness overload has gone viral, and people can’t seem to get enough.

“Which mall is this? When will they escape again? I’m in! This looks like so much fun!” one person commented on social media, as translated and reported by the South China Morning Post.

The video shows the chaos from multiple perspectives, including still photos, all of which include crowds of dogs running around and wagging their tails. Shoppers look around, confused and amused. Meanwhile, the dogs looked thrilled to be exploring the mall — so thrilled, in fact, that the huskies were busy ignoring the calls of café staff. They can’t be good boys and girls all the time.

Naughty husky behavior aside, staff gathered up the furry group quickly, the South China Morning Post reports.

“To ‘punish’ the disobedient huskies, we gave them delicious chicken legs,” a staff member with the surname Huo joked to Xigua Video.

Some commenters suggested the huskies should be let out more often, noting the possible cramped space and offering ideas like putting up a perimeter where the dogs could roam freely. Many also pointed out how much shoppers in the mall would enjoy the extra space and time with the dogs. The adorable escape may also help drum up more traffic to the café, providing the huskies the attention they seem keen to receive.

Regardless, the video of the huskies taking over the mall certainly made many people smile, especially the photos of the large dogs being carried back to the pet café.

Image credits: South China Morning Post