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As many of you may have read, last week my father passed away. He left behind a lot of things, but those items that were most valuable to us were his photos — and not the ones on his computer, but the ones on the walls.

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In light of recent events, this week on The PetaPixel Podcast, we wanted to encourage everyone to consider printing, matting, and framing their photos. Not just the ones of family and friends, but the ones you, as photographers, consider to be your greatest works of art. Losing my dad put into perspective the important things that he left behind. Going through his things, the items we realized we valued the most was his artwork.

These photos, whether or not we were present when they were captured, carry with them his story. Over the years and as they were completed and hung in the halls, my dad would tell us about the photos, why he took them, what happened that day in his life, and why he thought the image was worth printing — why it was important to him. Today, when we pass those photos, we don’t just see a picture, we see all those memories.

Thomas Schneider
“August Morn” by Thomas Schneider, matted and framed.

As I say on the podcast, I know many people might not like the idea of filling their halls with their photos for any number of reasons and I’m not advocating everyone turn their homes into art galleries, but I am saying that the value of printing goes far beyond ink, paper, wood, and glass. In this digital age, it can be very easy to forget just how meaningful a printed photo is. I see my dad’s photos both on his walls and on my computer, and the images on the walls are vastly more powerful.

I am glad my dad printed his photos and I hope you all do the same, if not for yourself, then for the people who love you.

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