New Lens Company SG-Image Debuts Super-Fast 35mm f/0.95 APS-C Prime

SG-Image 35mm f/0.95 prime lens for APS-C mirrorless cameras

Chinese lens company SG-Image is a relative newcomer, having announced a 25mm f/1.8 prime lens for APS-C lenses that costs just $40 in late February. The company, which is still practically a ghost online, has seemingly announced its second lens, a 35mm f/0.95 APS-C lens.

Those hoping for a $40 f/0.95 prime will likely be disappointed, as SG-Image’s new 50mm-equivalent lens appears more complex than the 25mm f/1.8 lens, beyond being significantly faster. While no pricing information is available, $40 is an unrealistic target.

Per Sony Alpha Rumors, the SG-Image 35mm f/0.95 has 12 lens elements arrayed across nine groups. It also has a dozen aperture blades, which is quite a few, and features a stepped manual aperture. The manual focus lens can focus as close as 0.35 meters, approximately 13.8 inches. That is reasonably good close-focus performance for a fast prime lens.

SG-Image 35mm f/0.95 prime lens for APS-C mirrorless cameras

The lens sports an all-metal design, focus scale, depth of field markers, and an aperture ring. It weighs about 393 grams (13.9 ounces) but may vary slightly depending on the selected lens mount. It has a 52mm filter thread on the front and does not appear to come with a lens hood, at least based on available product photos.

Speaking of the lens mount, the fast prime is poised to release on just about every lens mount under the Sun. The lens will come in Sony E, Nikon Z, Fujifilm X, Canon EOS-M, Canon R, Micro Four Thirds, and L-Mount varieties. Of course, the lens will be equivalent to a 70mm focal length on a Micro Four Thirds camera rather than the 50mm on APS-C cameras.

SG-Image 35mm f/0.95 prime lens for APS-C mirrorless cameras

Looking at photos of the new SG-Image 35mm f/0.95 lens, it follows the same general approach as its older sibling, including a lack of electronic communication on the lens. This means that photographers will have practically no EXIF data about the lens whatsoever attached to their files unless they manually add it, either in-camera or using post-processing software. For some, this is no big deal. However, it is something to consider for others, especially those who search for or organize their images based on focal length, aperture, shutter speed, etc.

Like so many Chinese lens companies before it, SG-Image appears to have just sort of popped up. As many photographers already know, although it bears repeating, Chinese lenses are hit or miss.

There are some amazing ones out there, but also some absolute duds. Unless someone is buying from one of the more well-known brands like Laowa, ZY Optics, TTartisan, or Viltrox, to name a few, they won’t know quite what to expect until the lens arrives.

But it’ll be tough to complain if the new SG-Image 35mm f/0.95 can come anywhere near the 25mm f/1.8’s $40 price tag.

Image credits: SG-Image