Phenomenal Photos of March’s Full Worm Moon

Worm Moon

A glorious full Moon lit up the skies last night with celestial observers able to capture spectacular photos of March’s full Moon, known as the Worm Moon.

March’s full Moon is a harbinger of warmer weather and therefore the appearance of worms, hence its name. In New York City, photographer Gary Hershorn captured it rising behind the Empire State Building.

The Worm Moon over New York
The full Moon imposes itself over NYC’s famous skyline on Sunday evening. | Gary Hershorn
Worm Moon over the Empire State Building
Touching the top of the Empire State Building. | Gary Hershorn
Worm Moon over the Empire State Building
Gary Hershorn
Worm Moon over the Empire State Building
Gary Hershorn

Photographer Dan Martland was two and a half miles away from the Reading Pagoda in Pennsylvania. Shooting with a 600mm lens, Martland was able to capture a spectacular shot of the Worm Moon looming over the novelty building.

Worm Moon over the Reading Pagoda
Dan Martland

Astrophotographer Andrew McCarthy is usually capturing celestial objects a little further from Earth than the Moon, but while in the Maldives, McCarthy captured an atmospheric photo of the Worm Moon peeking out behind the clouds.

“This view of the 2024 Worm moon wasn’t from my usual backyard vantage, but from @soneva in the Maldives,” he writes on Twitter/X. “While I didn’t quite have the luggage space for my largest telescopes, a small one does nicely to capture this dreamy scene.”

Worm Moon in the Maldives
Andrew McCarthy

Stephen Cheatley in Lancashire, England captured a cool photo of the Worm Moon over local landmark Rivington Pike; Max Guliani captured a timelapse of it between two Manhattan bridges; and Rami Ammoun got glowing shots of the big cheese.

Nathan Hill who was located in the south coast of England, and on the other side of the pond, CJ Burnell captured the Worm Moon rising behind the “Tree of Life” in Markham, Ontario.

In case there wasn’t enough going on with the Moon last night, it also had an eclipse. The Moon briefly slipped behind Earth’s shadow, creating a subtle penumbral eclipse. But that’s just a slight warmup for the solar eclipse that’s happening in a couple of weeks.