Film Ferrania’s New P33 Is a Versatile Black and White 35mm Film

A roll of Ferrania P33 sits next to its box against a black background.

Film Ferrania has announced a new 35mm black-and-white film, its third black-and-white emulsion. The company built the new P33 160 ISO film from the ground up, aiming to produce a more versatile experience.

Film Ferrania is an Italian film producer with over 100 years of experience creating photographic and cinematographic film. Its offerings are well known for their quality and unique look. In the Mid-20th century, Italian film directors Pier Paolo Pasolini, Vittorio De Sica, Roberto Rossellini, and Federico Fellini utilized Film Ferrania P30 stock for some of their most famous productions.

The company’s research and development team continues to create innovative black-and-white films for photographers and artists, blending tradition and innovation in its products. Ferrania makes its film products in a new facility built on the grounds of the original company in Cairo Montenotte, Italy, about 50 kilometers west of Genoa.

Film Ferrania’s offerings include P30 and Orto, which are 80 and 50 ISO, respectively. Both the P30 and Orto films are available in 35mm or 120 format.

Now, Ferrania is expanding its lineup with a 35mm ISO 160 film dubbed P33, as Kosmo Foto reports.

The company developed the new film from the ground up to give “photographers a smoother, more versatile photography experience,” according to CineStill. Ferrania created the film “to overcome the processing and printing challenges faced by enthusiasts of the P30,” as the company explains on its website.

“P33 represents the culmination of the Ferrania R&D team’s mission to offer photography enthusiasts with a product that blends the timeless qualities of analog tradition with cutting-edge technological advancements,” explains the product description on CineStill.

A wrecked car sits on top of rubble in a black and white image taken with Film Ferrania P33 film.

In terms of style, the new P33 features fine grain and defined contrast. This panchromatic film is versatile enough for seasoned professionals and those with less experience, making it an accessible option for analog photographers of all levels. The 160 ISO adds versatility, allowing it to work well for outdoor and indoor shooting with available light and flash. It offers 36 exposures per roll.

The Film Ferrania P33 is available on Ferrania’s website for $11 a roll. It will also be available through authorized Film Ferrania dealers. Film Ferrania has also published a film processing chart for the new P33 stock.

Image credits: Photographs by Film Ferrania