National Geographic Drops Epic Trailer for ‘Photographer’

National Geographic has just released a very cool trailer for a new show entitled Photographer.

The six-part docuseries from Elizabeth Chai Vasarhelyi and Jimmy Chin will flip the lens on photographers that are pushing the boundaries in nature, fashion, and documentary.

Each hour-long episode will follow Cristina Mittermeir and Paul Nicklen, Dan Winters, Campbell Addy, Krystle Wright, Muhammed Muheisen, and Anand Varma.

If you have watched the film Free Solo, then you may remember the directors Elizabeth Chai Vasarhelyi and Jimmy Chin who collaborated with a host of other directors for the exciting series.

Photographer is a testament to National Geographic’s commitment to delivering groundbreaking narratives that spark curiosity, leaving a lasting impact on our viewers,” says Tom McDonald, executive vice president, Global Factual and Unscripted Content.

“The intentional pairing of these visionary directors with each respective photographer captures the essence of their creativity and showcases the extraordinary lengths they go to redefine the boundaries of visual storytelling.”

Who Are The Photographers?

You may have heard of some of the above names: Paul Nicklen is one that a lot of people know and he will feature along with partner Cristina Mitternmeier. The pair are at the forefront of ocean conservation raising awareness of the many issues plaguing the world’s oceans.

Another episode will follow science photographer Anand Varma, who is enthusiastic about “all things icky,” Varma combines his lifelong passion for science and his love of art. He is currently working on a series about metamorphosis.

Krystle Wright is a high-adrenaline photographer who has spent the past decade-plus traveling the world to photograph some of the most incredible extreme sports stunts. Sidelined for the past two years due to a medical emergency, Wright is back in the field, now chasing tornadoes in the American Southwest and grappling with balancing the high-adrenaline life of an adventure photographer with her creative appetites.

Veteran conflict photographer Muhammed Muheisen has won two Pulitzer Prizes and is the founder and chairman of the Dutch nonprofit organization Everyday Refugees Foundation. Muheisen, born and raised among conflict in the Middle East, no longer heads out into the frontlines of war. He now uses his photography to give a voice to refugee children. Muheisen’s episode will follow him through his journey from photojournalism to photographic activism.

Dan Winters is arguably one of the most versatile, celebrated and renowned photographers working today, widely known for his unusual and iconic portraits of celebrities, scientific work, street photography, illustrations, and capturing the “hallowed grounds” of NASA.

British Ghanaian Campbell Addy is the fashion photographer of the moment and at a pivotal place in his career. His talents as an image maker have launched him into the fashion stratosphere and landed him on Forbes’ 30 Under 30 list, but his newfound fame and success also present challenges.

Photographer premieres March 18 on National Geographic at 20:00 EDT and will be available to stream on March 19 on Disney+ and Hulu.