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Inspiration: Jimmy Chin Offers Insights Into the Challenges and Rewards of His Career


These short interviews that National Geographic has been putting together for its PROOF blog are quickly becoming some of our favorites. Quick, to the point and always very inspirational, they feature masters of their craft who have reached great heights in their photographic careers.

This latest video features renowned climber and adventure/travel photographer Jimmy Chin talking about both the good and the bad of what he does.

My personal favorite part of this particular interview comes at the very beginning when Chin says:

People are always like, ‘you’re a climber, you’re a photographer, you’re so lucky you’re doing what you love.’ [But] they’re also the two things that drive me the most insane, because you’re the most obsessed about them. They burn me as much as they exalt my… soul.

Screen Shot 2014-03-18 at 3.51.30 PM

He continues on to talk about failure, and how being passionate about something often makes failure that much more difficult to cope with. It’s a wonderful two-minute interview that you won’t regret watching, even if you’re not remotely interested Jimmy Chin’s work.

Head over to the PROOF blog for further insights and be sure to give that publication a follow, because it’s chock full of wonderful, inspirational and insightful content.

(via PROOF)