What is ‘Good Enough’ for a New Smartphone Camera? | The PetaPixel Podcast

Last week, Samsung unveiled its new Galaxy S24 Ultra that had some hardware improvements, but leaned much more heavily on software and the addition of AI-powered features. It got us thinking, does a new smartphone need more than just AI to be compelling?

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Samsung’s new Galaxy S24 Ultra sports a great new display, excellent build quality, and generally a fantastic user experience. But when it comes to the camera system, very little was changed from last year’s S24 Ultra. So in 2024, what should someone reasonably expect from a new handheld? Does it need hardware improvements or is software enough?

Apple provided mostly software changes and new enhancements, but it also added a new telephoto lens to the iPhone 15 Pro Max. Google redesigned much of its camera array in addition to adding AI capabilities. Compared to the field, was what Samsung did enough? Chris, Jordan, and Jaron discuss.

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