New Photomator Update Makes it Easier to Watermark Images

An iPad and iPhone show the Photomator app in use.

In an age of rampant reposting, often without credit, watermarks remain an increasingly important way for photographers to protect their work. Editing app Photomator just made it easier to add customized watermarks.

The new Photomator 3.3 update allows users to add image, text, and tiled watermark variants. “Watermarks can also be incredibly useful for building your personal brand,” a release from app developer Pixelmator reads. “Adding custom signatures or logos to photos helps people recognize and find more of your work easily, which is especially great if you’re just starting out your photography career.”

The update already includes six presets, so users can take advantage of the new feature right away. But Photomator allows for further customization, including size, color, font, offset, shadow, and opacity. In addition to the added security, all of these details make it easier for photographers to make sure their work still looks its best without making the images easy to potentially steal.

“When you add watermarks, they become an integral part of a photo, so we made sure you can make them look just how you want them,” the release says.

An iPad shows the Photomator app on screen.

This is especially important when showing examples of work or proofs to potential clients. Users can also save custom watermarks as presets, which is particularly useful when batch editing.

Since Photomator is app-based, this also means users can add their watermarks directly from an iPhone or iPad as well. Additionally, a Photomator File Browser is now in testing. Users can try it out by using the TestFlight app. “The file browser offers incredible new features such as seamless edit syncing with original files, the ability to edit photos from external drives, and import folders by simply dragging and dropping them to Photomator,” Pixelmator explains.

“This update is all about making watermarking fast and simple, saving you more time for capturing and editing photos,” a release from Pixelmator reads.

A Mac shows the Photomator File Browser, which is in testing, on the screen.

Following a rebrand earlier this year, Photomator has been busy adding new features, including AI tools. Photomator for Mac was even named the “Mac App of the Year” by Apple during its annual App Store Awards.

Photomator costs $5 a month, $30 a year, and has a lifetime price available at $70. There’s also a limited free version available for users to try the editing software.

Image credits: Pixelmator