British Analog Photographer Dies in Israel After Hamas Invasion

Danny Darlington and friend Carolin Bohl
Photographer Danny Darlington and his friend Carolin Bohl enjoying themselves in Israel just days before they both died at the hands of Hamas.

A British film photographer is believed to have died in Israel after Hamas invaded the country this past weekend.

Danny Darlington and his friend Carolin Bohl were last seen hiding in a bunker in Nir Oz, a kibbutz in Southern Israel with friends confirming the pair were killed in a terrorist attack.

Darlington was from the U.K. but lived in Berlin with Bohl who was a German national. Darlington was an accomplished analog photographer, posting stunning lifestyle and fashion portraits taken to medium format film cameras on his Instagram page.

“Only days before he was riding his bike, laughing, taking photos of sunsets, and enjoying life’s simple pleasures in our beautiful kibbutz,” writes the photographer’s sister, Shelley Darlington, on Instagram.

“He was meant to leave for Tel Aviv the night before but decided to stay one more day to explore the kibbutz with his friend — a decision that has irrevocably changed all our lives forever, and one that cost him his life.”

Family members of Darlington and Bohl say they are yet to receive official confirmation from the governments of Israel, Germany, or the U.K. but “information from the ground in Israel” is that the pair were tragically killed in a Hamas raid.

“Today we learned from Carolin’s friend on the ground in Kibbutz Nir Oz in Israel that she and her friend Danny were killed in a terrorist attack yesterday. We are broken and are working to cope with this unimaginable tragedy,” writes Anja Pasquesi.

Kibbutz Nir Oz, located close to Gaza, has been devastated by a Hamas attack in which men, women, and children were kidnapped and murdered. In one case, three generations of the same family were taken by the terrorist organization.

โ€œWe are being slaughtered. There is no army. It has been 6 hours,โ€ one resident of Nir Oz told the New York Post. โ€œPeople are begging for their lives.โ€

Image credits: Photographs by Danny Darlington/Instagram.