Powerful Photo of Surrogate Holding Hands With Baby’s Mom Goes Viral

Stunning photo of surrogate holding hands with the baby’s mom

A photographer’s powerful image of a surrogate holding hands with the baby’s mom has gone viral.

Photographer Melissa Wilson’s stunning portrait received over 637,000 likes in a matter of days on Facebook — with social media users praising her for capturing the beautiful bond of surrogacy in the image.

In the black-and-white photograph that was spotted by Insider, a couple embraces on a beach with their heads leaned in towards one another.

However, in a visually arresting twist, the woman reaches out behind her to take the hand of the surrogate who is carrying the couple’s child.

The surrogate mom, who was reportedly heavily pregnant at 36 weeks in the photograph, clutches the baby’s mother’s hand as she gazes ahead into the distance.

Facebook users described Wilson’s portrait as “a work of art” and applauded the photographer for telling “such a meaningful story” in the powerful image.

An Image That Impacted So Many People

Wilson, who has been a photographer specializing in portraits of families, pregnant women, and newborns for over 16 years, says the surrogate mother reached out to her to do the shoot.

“When the surrogate mom reached out to me, I was a combination of nervous and excited at the thought of doing this. I typically have a great flow of how I capture a maternity session, so this threw me off my game a little,” Wilson tells PetaPixel.

“I spent the weeks coming up to the session thinking of ideas and doing some research. This shot has been done before, but I put my own twist on it.”

Wilson, who is based in Northwestern Connecticut, U.S. but can travel anywhere for shoots, says she never expected the photograph to go so viral.

“I was lucky to get permission to share this image, originally they didn’t want anything shared,” Wilson says.

“I have no idea how it went viral, but I feel like this image is powerful for so many that struggle with infertility. October is infant loss awareness month, and I feel like maybe people just resonated with the image.

“I feel so proud that it has impacted so many people and the best is that the comments were so freaking positive and genuine.

“I cannot wait to meet this little one and do another session with them, once the baby arrives safely!”

More of Wilson’s work can be seen on Instagram, Facebook, and website.

Image credits: All photos by MW Photography (in CT).