Upgraded StellaPro Strobe Doubles Run Time, Delivers 50% More Power

Light & Motion, the company behind the StellaPro, announced a new, more powerful battery handle for its Reflex S hybrid LED strobe that delivers 50% more burst power, twice the run time, and 50% more continuous power than the original.

The original StellaPro Reflex made waves in 2021 as the world’s first hybrid light system that offered both a continuous LED and a digital strobe that allows users to switch between illuminating for photos and videos seamlessly — all with the promise that there would be no compromise in performance or power.

While the StellaPro lights are undoubtedly versatile, they didn’t pack as much power as dedicated strobes. Well, the company is taking steps to try and address that with what it is calling a “major update” to the system in the form of a more powerful battery handle that notably improves power and performance.

StellaPro Reflex S

As a continuous LED, the Reflex S runs for more than twice the previous length at 6,000 lumens: it can now run for “well over” an hour. In addition to the longer run time, the Reflex S can now get even brighter with the promise of up to 9,000 lumens, a brightness it can maintain on a single charge for about 40 minutes. When outputting 3,000 lumens, the company says the new battery provides up to 2.5 hours of illumination.

Its strobe performance is also improved. With the new battery, Light & Motion says that it is now 50% faster and can shoot at up to 30 frames per second full power bursts (that is an equivalent of 18,000 lumens of brightness per flash) — “without misfires” — which improves on the original battery which could only do up to 20 frames per second. With the new battery, the company says that the Reflex S will be able to fire these full-power continuous bursts at 30 frames per second for over 15 minutes.

“StellaPro is all-in on delivering the absolute best LED lights for on-the-go visual creators, including wedding, portrait, and commercial clients who want fast set-up with less gear to get the job done,” Daniel Emerson, CEO of StellaPro Lights, says.

“This major update to Reflex S delivers a dramatic increase in power, run time, and burst performance from a light that is smaller and lighter than any hybrid light on the market today.”

StellaPro Reflex S

The new one pound, 4.4 ounce battery grip charges via USB-C (60W power supply requirement) and will go from spent to a full charge in 1.25 hours.

The upgraded StellaPro Reflex S strobe costs $849 with the new battery. For those who already own the strobe head, the improved battery can be purchased separately for $300. Both are available today directly from the company’s website.

Image credits: Light & Motion