Creatives Use Photoshop’s Generative Fill Tool to Expand Movies Vertically

AI Making Movies Vertical
The original format of Star Wars, Harry Potter, and Twilight highlighted in white boxes. The rest of the scene is AI-generated.

A creative duo has been changing the aspect ratio for Hollywood movies — wondering what it would be like if they were filmed vertically.

Walid Fatam, from Morocco, has reinterpreted scenes from Twilight, Harry Potter, and Star Wars by using Adobe Photoshop’s AI-powered Generative Fill tool.

@walidfatam If Twilight was filmed vertically – The Twilight Saga & Breaking Dawn part 1 #twilight #thetwilightsaga #ai #generativeai #verticalmovies ♬ original sound – walidfatam

Fatam tells PetaPixel that the pair look through an entire movie to decide which scenes to expand — but not just any scene.

“This is the tricky part with AI, all scenes have to be fixed shots, which means there shouldn’t be any movements, zoom or camera shakes,” explains Fatam.

“And not only that, we have to filter these scenes to find the ones where the actors or objects in the fixed scenes are not moving outside of the frame.

“Once all scenes are chosen, we start expanding them using Photoshop AI as an image and then stitch it with the video to get a whole new expanded scene from a famous movie. So it’s quite the process, but the results are satisfying to watch.”

@walidfatam If Harry Potter was filmed vertically – Harry potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban #harrypotter #verticalmovies #ai #movieclips @Harry Potter ♬ Jacob and the Stone – Emile Mosseri

Indeed, Fatam’s videos have proven to be wildly popular on TikTok with the Harry Potter and Twilight videos both racking up five million views.

“We are passionate filmmakers, editors, and photographers. We enjoy creating content and expressing ourselves through the lens of a camera,” says Fatam.

“When we first heard of AI in music, chat, and visuals, we were very interested in how it works, so we started discovering the endless possibilities and leveraged it to create content that is eye-catching and new yet familiar to everyone.”

Generative Fill

Fatam calls Adobe’s Generative Fill tool “very interesting.”

“Imagine providing this tool to me in 2013 when I was spending hours, sometimes days to Photoshop a castle in the background for example or remove things from an image, I would be mind blown!” He says.

“Photoshop Generative Fill tool saves an incredible amount of time, not only that but the results are very realistic and it’s interesting to see what the algorithm will come up with, and that’s the downside about Photoshop Generative Fill is that it might generate a completely different thing from what I imagined, sometimes the lighting is off, the shapes are off, but I’m not complaining, I would still use it over manually editing on my own for hours.”

@walidfatam If Star Wars was filmed vertically – episode VI – return of the Jedi #starwars #photoshop #ai #generativeai #anakinskywalker ♬ original sound – walidfatam

Fatam says AI is a “game changer, especially for creators” but doesn’t believe it will replace content creator jobs.

“It will create new job opportunities, and make expression through content much easier,” he adds.

“We are just cracking the surface of AI, I think in five or 10 years from now, video making will be much easier than ever before, it will create new possibilities in the video creation world.”

More of Fatam’s videos can be found on his TikTok and Instagram.