Wedding Guest Accidentally Breaks Photographer’s Camera

Broken camera

A wedding guest has revealed how she accidentally broke the photographer’s camera during the ceremony — leaving the devastated bride and groom without any photos of the big day.

A Reddit user named u/Kooky-Cranberry shared the story on Sunday, in a post that has been upvoted over 12,300 times on the platform.

The Reddit user claims that she attended her aunt’s wedding a few weeks ago. However, she ignored one of the bride’s main instructions before the wedding — which was to eat and drink plenty of water ahead of the ceremony as it was forecast to be a very hot day.

“Before the wedding, everyone was advised to drink lots of water and eat beforehand because it was going to be extremely hot that day,” the Reddit user explains

“The wedding started at 17:00 and I had absolutely nothing to eat or drink up until then except maybe a granola bar because I was extremely busy that day.”

The Reddit user says she was feeling very “tired and hungry” by the time the wedding ceremony was in progress at the church. She started to feel “uneasy and lightheaded” and decided to leave the ceremony and go to the bathroom to recover.

However, on the way to the bathroom, the Reddit user fainted and ended up falling and breaking the wedding photographer’s camera in the process.

“As I was walking, I got that feeling like I was about to collapse,” the Reddit user writes.

“The next thing I can remember was coming to and seeing lots of people surrounding me including the bride and groom.

“Apparently, when I fainted, I fell onto the photographer who was crouched down near me. Not only that, but he dropped the camera lens down and it broke.

“I don’t even remember seeing the photographer but I may have been too dizzy or something to have seen him.”

‘The Photographer Only Had One Camera With Him’

The Reddit user explains that her aunt’s wedding was planned on a budget and the couple had arranged a cheaper photographer who only had one camera and no second shooter.

As a result, the couple was left with no professional photos of the wedding — except for images taken by guests on their smartphones. The bride was consequently furious at the guest for fainting and breaking the photographer’s camera.

“The wedding was a bit of a cheaper one, so the photographer was a family friend of the groom’s who only had one camera with him,” the Reddit user explains.

“The bride was just in tears that she won’t have any good pictures from her wedding. The photographer insisted that he could drive home and grab a different one, but it would take too long.”

‘Not Drinking or Eating is Asking for Trouble’

The Reddit user then asked readers if the bride was justified in her anger towards her and received thousands of responses.

“The bride was indeed mad at me, but I feel it was a bit harsh as it was extremely embarrassing for me already,” the guest tells Reddit users.

“Fainting never even crossed my mind as something that would happen at all. They did get pictures but they were on cellphones.”

Some Reddit users believed that the guest held some responsibility for breaking the photographer’s camera as they did not heed the bride’s instructions to eat and drink before the ceremony.

“Obviously you didn’t mean to faint, that wasn’t in your control, but by your own admission you didn’t eat or drink all day even though you knew it was going to be very hot and you’d been advised to take precautions,” a reader argues in a comment that was upvoted 38,500 times.

“And you don’t seem to feel particularly bad about breaking the photographer’s camera lens when you fell, because it was a ‘cheaper’ wedding?… It sounds like you were negligent and then not particularly concerned about the consequences for other people.”

Other readers commented that the wedding photographer must have been “crushed” about his broken camera.

Sometimes things can go awry with wedding photography when the big day comes. PetaPixel previously reported on a bridesmaid who was demoted to an unpaid photographer at her friend’s wedding.

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